Solar tech. Wow effect.

Exclusive. Fascinating. Innovative. 
Let yourself be surprised by this authentic Made in Italy solution. 

The power of the sun, the magic of the color.

A wow effect without comparison, a wow safety with no precedent: Alteray is the new Made in Italy technology, 100% water-based having the Reach certification.


Wow effect

From shadow to sun everything changes, the colors vary based on the angle of the light.

Wow effect

A fascinating light that shines even in the darkest night, thanks to the pigments that illuminate in the dark.

Wow effect

The heat becomes color, every temperature change brings a surprise.

Wow effect

A universe of colors that changes at every look, every ray, every movement.

A world of applications.

Fashion, jewelry, industrial design, nautical, construction, bike, automotive: everything can be wow, thanks to Alteray.


Wow, on every Surface.

A made in Italy technology having thousands of applications, developed for playing with the colors of fabrics, leather, and other materials. The techniques you can use to apply this are countless: you can apply this with the precision of screen printing, use the airbrush effect or use it directly on cotton, silk, linen, and polyester. Thanks to its pigments you can realize masters that are compatible with printing PU, TPU, rubber, Eva, and polyurethane resins.

Craftsmanship, style, passion.

In one word, Italy. It is there that Alteray was founded as a division of Gruppo Biasiotto, which is a world-renown partner of many fashion brands for the last 60 years. Alteray is based on values like craftsmanship, elegance, and innovation: these qualities define the essence of Mate in Italy, which never ends surprising.

100% sicura. 
100% sostenibile.

Alteray has the most reliable certifications in the world, making this technology safe for you and the environment. Alteray is made with a mix of water and metal-free pigments certified Reach (CE 1907/2006), which guarantees sustainability and non-toxicity.

This can be considered a revolution for the industry, which can now count on a Made in Italy technology completely safe, perfect for eco-friendly companies which shares the vision of a product that is completely biodegradable

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